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Chuck Snyder

Chuck Snyder


A personable, efficient, and charismatic guy, Chuck embodies the qualities of a true real estate professional after serving many years in the lending world. He believes the key to outstanding service starts with putting you above all else. He carries this mindset with him through every interaction and transaction, allowing him to be effective in helping both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals swiftly and smoothly.

Having worked in the lending industry, Chuck is able to bring a sense of comfort and understanding when the finance world meets the home buying process. He realizes the importance of comfort and reliability when helping you buy or sell your home.  He prides himself on being dependable and creating peace of mind as they move through the transaction process. Most of his former clients become friends. 

Being involved in the management and financial world shaped him to be a focused communicator and persuasive negotiator, which both positively impact you. Chuck will always have your best interest at heart. You’ll notice that from the very first handshake hello to the handshake exchanged after the transaction has been completed!