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Eric Grill

Eric Grill

Realtor | Appraiser | Builder

Take advantage of my 25 years of related real estate, real property appraisals, and construction management experience. My experience is vital when buying or selling your home. My goal is building and maintaining consistent relationships, answering questions and helping people enjoy the process of a real estate transaction.  

My knowledge is documented with earning a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Ferris State University and well rounded skill set that includes 14 years of full time real estate appraisal experience. I have developed over 1500 appraisal reports and analyzed over 500 purchase agreements. I have first-rate relationship building skills and time management abilities. I encompass core values that align with my passion to direct and lead people to ensure a common goal of success. My construction and appraisal background have provided me with excellent verbal and written communication skills, with dedication to working collaboratively with my clients. 

I am a native of Lansing, Michigan and have lived in the same neighborhood for over 38 years. I am proud to have served the Greater Lansing area and COMMUNITY is my passion!